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God's Gift: A very smooth and refreshing flavor of a Strawberry Kiwi Smoothie with hints of Guava that will make you lick you lips and beg for more. This flavor will leave you in pure bliss.
Green Crack: A smooth flavor of Candy Apple that makes you think you're eating a long, soft, and tangy Green Apple Sour belt Candy.
Northern Lights: A ripe Mango that's bursting with flavor combined with a Sweet, Tangy, Juicy Mangosteen, which proclaims to be the "Queen of Fruits." It's the perfect blend of two exotic Fruits on the planet.
Sky Walker: A delightful flavor of the crisp juicy flesh of a Lychee Fruit infused with a sweet and tangy Kiwi creating a mouthwatering combination.
Sour Deez: An utterly delicious, Sour coated, Sweet centered Jelly Candy. Each delicious inhale of this E-Liquid is sure to please any fan of the beloved candy!
Sticky Icky: A tasty, mouth-watering flavor that leaves you confused and hungry for more. Did you just eat a bowl of Cinnamon Toast Crunch or take a bite of a delicate and scrumptious Cinnabon.