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Ferrum City's Pittsburgh origin is at the heart of every bottle that we manufacture and distribute. The product of former steelworkers, Ferrum City Liquid is a tribute to every working man and woman whose labor makes this nation what it is.

Ferrum City Liquids - Angry Pink Lemonade 120mL

Angry Pink Lemonade is a sensational mixture of e liquid that will take you straight to those beautiful summer days on the beach! This recipe is one of Ferrum City’s first fruit flavors, and have spent countless hours making sure it was one of the best! Enjoy and get Angry!

Ferrum City Liquids - Angry Graham Bear 120mL

Angry Graham Bear is a tasteful mixture of smooth, white vanilla cream, sandwiched between crunchy, scrumptious graham cracker bears. A classic Ferrum City dessert recipe that is a true all day vape! You ANGRY yet bro?

Ferrum City Liquids - Angry Fried Banana 120mL

At Ferrum City we were tired of banana flavors taking a back seat to other common flavors. This is why we created a complex creation of fried bananas, cooked in butterscotch, and drizzled with caramel. If you’re a fan of banana vapes, give this a try, and Get ANGRY!

Ferrum City Liquids - Cereal 11 120mL

Cereal 11 is a soft, chewy bar filled with cereal flakes and sweet berries. We complete the flavor profile of this delicious breakfast bar e-liquid with a touch of sweet melted marshmallow.

Ferrum City Liquids - Poured 120mL

Poured is a sweet funnel cake topped with decadent vanilla whipped cream, and sprinkled with cinnamon, and sugar! In creating this flavor, we went to great lengths to capture the taste of funnel cake’s crispy brown exterior as well as its light, airy interior!

Ferrum City Liquids - Smelted 120mL

Smelted is the flavor of a delicious vanilla ice cream cone drizzled with melted caramel and topped with pecan pralines. This e-liquid is sweet and complex with notes of sweet cream, nuts, vanilla and brown sugar.