$19.99 $30.00

Nomenon 120ml by Lotus

*Due to new Ohio Tax Laws 3mg & 6mg options will receive 0mg + nic pack*

Grapenomenon 120mL by Lotus

Everybody loves grapes. Even that weird guy who says he doesn't.

A great grape vape.

Crunchy, sweet and sour, hard candy with A LOT of grape. 

Treat yourself to something even the weirdos love.

Lemonomenon 120mL by Lotus

Here's a joke... A lemon walks into a bar. OUCH.

Don't worry our flavor isn't as sour as our humor.

A fresh take on an old lemon classic!

Stranomenon 120mL by Lotus

Stop stealing from grandma!

The classic strawberry flavor of your favorite old fashioned treats. Hard candy shells filled with sweet gooey centers.

Granny approved.

Get your nom on and on

Phenomenon 120ml by Lotus

A mystery flavor made just for you! Can you guys what it is? Nobody knows , but it's a phenomenon!

Bluenomenon 120ml by Lotus

A Blue Razz Gooey Candy sure to please the taste buds!

Watanomenon 120ml by Lotus

A Delicious & sweet watermelon treat!